Team Members

Danny Sozzi

Folsom, CA

I was born and raised in the Sacramento area (El Dorado Hills). I grew up fishing all over California for everything from Tuna in the salt to Salmon and Steelhead in the rivers and everything in between. After running a drift boat down the local rivers for most my teenage life, I decided it was time to move to bigger and better things and went and got a job on one of the San Diego long range boats as a deckhand. I worked the deck for a little over a year and due to personal reasons, had to find a land based job. That is where my love of bass fishing really took off. After watching some “Butch Brown” videos, I was able to get my hands on a Huddleston Deluxe swimbait and after the first big follower, I was hooked on the big bait, big fish game. My passion for swimbait fishing still carries over to my fishing expeditions to this day.


Since then, I have found a passion within a passion, tournament fishing. I was convinced by a buddy (Rich Mendoza) to join a local club and from the first club event on, I couldn’t get enough of the tournament scene. In my first complete season with the club (2016), I was able to finish in the top 10, 5 times, including a tournament win at Rollins Lake. Wanting more, I partnered up with a teammate and in my first year (2016) fishing team events with my partner Mark Mendenhall, we were able to cash a handful of checks, catch some big fish, and qualify for the Future Pro Classic in March 2017, finishing 23rd in AOY points for the season. This year, my partner and I will be fishing the WWBT team circuit. Thanks to Canopy Grenades and my A-Rig prototype, we already came in 4th at the first WWBT event at Oroville in January. I also plan to dive into a few WWBT, FLW, and OPEN Pro/AM’s in the coming tournament season. WISH ME LUCK!