About Us

  Where we started...

About 12 years ago we began crafting punch skirts for personal use, and soon started playing around with different jig styles.  Before long we began making both of these items for friends, family, and fellow anglers.  As our passion flourished and product line continued to develop, we decided to share our creations with the public. Then in April 2016, Canopy Grenades was born.

In todays market, it's rare to find a company that can keep up quality through mass production.  That’s why Canopy Grenades chooses to continue making all of our products to order.  We fashion every one of our pieces by hand and all of the jigs and rattling punch skirts we make are wire-tied to ensure strength and offer better durablity. We know how tough those bass can be and we want to help you catch those big donkeys. 


For those times when you just can't find exactly what you want, we offer customization on all of our made to order products.  At Canopy Grenades we encourage creativity and are happy to work with you to find that perfect color combination to get those fish biting. Plus we can’t stop making new color lines ourselves.