All of our jigs are hand tied with wire and feature Mustad ultra-point hooks. Superior paint compared to most other jigs on the market. Skirts are 50-55 strands (Finesse ball heads are 44 strand) depending on materials. All flipping jigs come with rattles. Weed guards are standard in most jig types. 

Football head hook sizes: 3/8oz 4/0, 1/2oz 4/0, 3/4oz 5/0

Flipping jig hook size: All weights have a 5/0 heavy duty hook.

Swim jig hook size: All weights have a 4/0 heavy duty hook.

Finesse ball head hook size: Available in 5/16oz and come with a 2/0 hook. 


If you have a certain need that you don't see, select "Custom" on any jig style and let us help build yours!